im still laughing at that im gonna start threatening to put people’s phones on top of the fridge

a guy in my office’s hot brother plays for mizzou so every time they win I’m like..nice nice


FSU’s coach is a grown ass man who voluntarily goes by the name Jimbo


I wouldn’t date a tall female bruh we gon get in a argument and she gon put my phone on the top of the fridge

— Anonymous: what do you think about baseball?

I love baseball!! My brother is a catcher for UT and I was raised on the astros

i just remembered how i convinced shannon’s followers that she was a catfish last night and im wheezing

— Anonymous: who is that in the picture with you??? She's so pretty oh my god

that’s my sister and I know lmao half the guys on campus are in love w her I’m honestly the inferior sibling

ry has this shitty tmobile hotspot set up in the car so we can watch the rest of the ut game